Logistics Services

Our professional team brings over 80 years of combined experienced to assist our clients. Our Performance-Based Processes provides Curtoom with techniques that make us efficient and effective. We are responsive and available to complete every required project task in our service area.

Design and Build

Curtoom Companies provides services covering a broad range of engineering and management tasks specifically geared towards engineering consulting, design and inspection, construction program and project management, including design-build. The company employs a highly skilled and diverse team of engineering and construction professionals for projects and has the capabilities required to successfully accomplish construction management activities and assignment. We also understand that a firm’s ability to respond quickly is crucial. We maintain a strict policy of quality and safely. Curtoom is committed to delivering quality construction management, professionally, timely and within strict budget considerations. We are driven to build the best.

  • Acquisition Logistics
  • Computer resources
  • Facility support
  • Design interface
  • Resource Allocation

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