We understand the capabilities required to successfully accomplish all assignments. We also understand that a firm’s ability to respond quickly is crucial. We maintain a strict policy of quality service. Curtoom is committed to delivering on time and highly professional services.

About Curtoom Companies Inc

Curtoom is a Florida based, but with regional capability engineering, program/project management services firm. We presently have
project assignments throughout the Atlantic Seaboard. We provide services to both public and private clients.

Since 1988 Curtoom has evolved using it’s acquired expertise, a foundation based in technology and a regional reputation for performance to provide professional services to owners in transportation, education, water resources, public housing and correctionalfacilities. Curtoom’s growth and diversification have enhanced the firm expertise. It is the direct result of our marketplace desirability. Simply stated our reliability as a team partner is propelling the firm to the next level.

Founder and CEO

Mr. Paul E. Curtis

Founder and CEO

Accomplished and highly motivated management professional, with 30 + years of extensive experience in Strategic Workforce Planning to invoke strategic change as well as meet organizational goals within and outside of Curtoom. Lead my organization in the development of new projects that increase profitability, expansion of consumer base, and profit of annual sales of $10 million and up top 40 staff spread across 5 States. Developed multi-national consulting relationships with domestic and foreign government agencies.

Focused and determined to uphold Curtoom’s organizational vision within an ever-changing external environment. Possess the ability to be highly adaptable and flexible in today’s changing workforce. Track record of possessing high degree of business acumen and ability to identify procurement and investment opportunities within the firm’s area of interest. Considered new ventures/investments and community philanthropy initiatives for possible implementation. Deployed metric-based solutions to optimize company’s ROI. Creative and innovative, energetic, amenable, one to establish relationships, and highly effective in communicating.



Our Team

Mr. Kenley Vincent

Project Engineer

Kenley has over 10 years of experience in the construction industry and project management of Watershed management,

Mr. Tomikel Curtis

Safety/ Health Manager

Conducts safety meetings, audits, and inspections to ensure, compliance, evaluate performance, identify corrective action..

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